workwear not just for workOur workwear clothing isn’t just for when you’re out on site, here are the top uses of our workwear other than work:

1. Running

Our range of high viz hats, jackets, vests can all be used for when you’re ponding the streets at night running.  Now the clocks have gone back it gets darker earlier, you need to make sure you can be seen and out high visibility products can do that.

2. Cycling

Just like running you need to be seen at night, even more so if you’re on the road cycling.  Again our high visibility clothing can help you be seen when you’re cycling to and from work.

3. Walking

Make sure you can been with high vis clothing. Just like running and cycling you need to be seen when you’re out and about and out workwear clothing can do that plus it keeps you warm!

4. Horse Riding

Make sure you’re seen on your horse!

5. Household Jobs!

Our coveralls and boilersuits can be used for a range of household jobs to allow you to get stuck into the gardening, DIY or decorating!

6. Motorbikes

Like cycling, be seen on your motor bike by using our high visibility jackets.

7. Driving to Europe?

If you’re going on holiday to Europe you need high viz clothing for everyone in the car, its a legal requirement in most continental countries.

Buy your workwear from the Workwear Shack. We won’t say anything if you don’t use it for working in!