Hundreds of employees are at risk every year by falling from height – across a number of industries. Ensuring your employees are safe is absolutely critical and having good quality safety harnesses as part of your fall protection system or fall arrest solutions.

There are a number of things you should consider as an employer when looking for safety harnesses and fall protection equipment:

  • Continuous hands free attachment – the great benefit of safety harnesses is that they offer continuous hands free attachment to the anchorage point. This enables your workers to be able to undertake their tasks with ease and confidence – no matter whether they are working on a pylon or out at sea.
  • What work is likely to need to be carried out – you should be completely aware of the tasks that your employees undertake on a daily basis. Allow them access to the process to ensure that you are purchasing the appropriate safety harnesses and fall restraint equipment for their work.
  • Bespoke solutions – depending on the type of work that is carried out you may require a bespoke fall protection system combined with your safety harnesses. The safety of your employees may not come at a cheap price – but it is important for their safety that you do not cut corners.
  • Know the regularity of the work they undertake and how long they will be wearing the safety harness. Again this is the part of the process you may want to allow your staff to partake in – there is no point getting safety harnesses that are uncomfortable or restrict their movement.
  • How will you train your staff to properly use the equipment – it is absolutely crucial that you have the proper training for the safety harness and other fall protection equipment. Even regular training of how to put on the safety harness is absolutely crucial to their safety – make sure that all staff are sent on refresher courses.
  • How will the safety harnesses and other fall protection equipment be cared for – as an employer you should make sure that all equipment is looked after properly and regularly checked for safety. Your staff should also be trained in how to check the safety of their harnesses and know how to spot danger.

Choosing safety harnesses and fall protection equipment is an important part of working safely at height and your employers need quality equipment that doesn’t fail and a good solid infrastructure of safety and fall protection training. Check out the Workwear Shack stock to get your workwear to go with your safety harnesses and fall protection equipment

This was a post by Wayne Barker who is the copywriter for Uniline Safety Systems – recognised worldwide for their bespoke fall protection and fall arrest solutions.