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New Clothing Brands = New Local Business Venture

If you are looking for something different to wear then look no further, is just a click away.
Fashbox is a Coventry based online clothing retailer that specialises in independent urban brands that are all produced by British designers.

The company started in September of 2013 and has already seen a positive response by its target audience.
Owner Blake Timms says, “Fashbox started through a love of fashion and spending a lot of time on social networks. I came across these new exciting brands on different social platforms, who like me are young and hungry for success and brand exposure. Therefore this was the perfect time to be a central point for these independent brands”.
The urban fashion market has grown rapidly over the past six years with many new fashion designers wanting to create their own style and start their own business.

The brands retailed on the Fashbox site are not mass produced, not found on the high street and offer a unique standout look.
Blake adds, “2013 has been a success with getting to market and people recognising us and understanding what we are about. 2014 is only around the corner and we are ready to hit the ground running and spread the Fashbox name even further”.



Summer bank holiday 2013


We have a bank holiday at the end of the month on the 26th August 2013. Please note any orders placed over this weekend (Friday – Monday) will be packed and shipped on the Tuesday 27th for delivery on the Wednesday 28th August.

Any problems please contact us.


The Workwear Shack – Check out our new range of corporate wear.

Personalised Onesie

Personalised OnsieOur friends at Acorn Printing are running a competition to win a ladies personalised onesie, all you have to is to like their Facebook page.

The onesie can be printed on or embroidered onto with your logo, name, in fact absolutely anything, within reason of course! Imagine turning up to a job in a onesie with your company logo on, maybe they’ll be the standard corporate workwear!

There are 4 sizes of onesie to personalise:

  • Small = 8/10
  • Medium = 10/12
  • Large = 12/14
  • XL = 14/16

and 7 colours to choose from. Some onesie facts:

  • Body-Set snug suit with soft fleece feel.
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester
  • Weight: 200gsm

If you’d like to buy a customised onesie the prices start at £16.95 which include one print or embroidered logo or design.

If you struggle with designs and art don’t worry they have a in-design team to help you.

Next Working Day Delivery – back to normal

Next Working Day DeliveryNow that Christmas has finished we are back to our normal delivery schedule. We hope you all had a great holiday. Here’s a reminder of our shipping details.

We aim to ship all workwear orders placed before 9pm the same day for next working day delivery in the UK.

All deliveries are made by DPD and will require a signature as proof of delivery.

Please ensure the address given has someone available to sign for the delivery as the address will be carded if no one is availble and will delay your delivery.

Monday through Thursday orders place before 9pm will be shipped the same day for next day delivery.

Friday orders will be shipped Friday for Monday delivery.

Weekend orders will be shipped on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Christmas Delivery 2012

Christmas decorationThis year we are shipping up until 9pm on Friday, 21st December for delivery on Monday 24th.

All orders placed after 9pm on the 21st December will be shipped on the Wednesday 2nd January 2013 for delivery on the Thursday 3rd January.

Any questions please ask!

Have a good Christmas!

Why People Should Have Proper Workwear

More and more employers have seen the benefit of providing proper work wear to increase their employees’ productivity. The use of work wear has a lot of value and importance to improve the welfare of the workers in the organization. There are a lot of reasons why people should have proper work wear and here are some of the reasons why.



Companies require their workers to have proper work wear to protect them from hazards in the workplace. The need for safety in the workplace necessitated the need to have work fashion to align with personnel safety. The inclusion of boots and gloves, for example in the work wear may be borne out to protect the worker from hazardous materials. Fire retardant work wear may be used to protect employees from hot environments. Companies that think about the welfare of their employees stand to gain a lot in terms of productivity and possible litigation due to workers’ welfare neglect.



Who wants not to feel needed? Of course we all do and your employees wanted to feel needed too, right? A uniform that has the company’s logo makes them feel they belong to an organization. It gives them a semblance of self-worth being a member of your institution. Workers that wear uniforms feel that they are an important cog in the wheels that drive the company’s success. An employee feels doubly important if the work wear is customized with their name. Company uniforms give each employee the feeling that they are valued and recognized.  Thus they gain more confidence that is crucial towards sustaining productivity and success in the workplace.



When your work wear has the logo or the name of the company printed, it provides advertising for free. You have converted your employees to become walking advertising billboards. When somebody sees your employee wearing their work wear en route to work, you give potential customers an idea to try your products or services. It gives you the benefit of brand recall without the extra cost. Not to mention the fact that you employees also serve as the most credible endorser of your company’s products and services.


Presentation or fashion

Wearing smart or fashionable clothing gives your company a sense of prestige. At the same time, it gives the wearer a sense of professionalism and fashion. This will bode well with clients and customers that will interact with your employees. It speaks well how the organization is taking care of the employees and projects that the workplace is an ideal one. The work wear gives the company a branded look with a high perceived value. However, uniforms must also have a universal design which does not easily become out of fashion.


Productivity and economy

When you give your workers a good work wear it protects them from getting injured or sick. This will impact your productivity positively as they would not be calling in sick frequently. Proper work wear allows you to give the best environment to your employees. Providing your workers the proper work wear enables them to save from clothing expenses. They don’t need to buy their own clothes to work. The money saved can be diverted to other needs which will make your workers happy and contented.



Comfort gives employees a happy environment to work with. If the employees are comfortable with what they are wearing chances are you will get positive results from them. It gives them much comfort and convenience knowing that they do not have to suffer from stress and anxiety about the clothes that they have to wear the following day at work.


When choosing a work wear it is important to research the kind you need for your specific industry. It is a one-time investment that will reap numerous benefits both to you as a business owner and to the employee. The design, type of cloth and colour are just few of the many things that must be taken into consideration when choosing the kind of uniform or work wear to be worn in the workplace. Companies must set aside enough budgets for their employee’s uniforms and work wears in order to reap its above mentioned benefits.

Order Before 9pm for Next Day Delivery

You can now order up to 9pm for next day delivery for a flat rate fee of £5.95. So you can order as much as workwear as you want for only £5.95 delivery fee.

All deliveries are made by DPD and will require a signature as proof of delivery.

Monday through Thursday orders place before 9pm will be shipped the same day for next day delivery.

Friday orders will be shipped Friday for Monday delivery.

Weekend orders will be shipped on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

Any problems please contact us.

Helping one of our local teams – Leamington Hibs Under 13’s

Leamington Hibs Under 13'sWe are delighted to be helping local team, Leamington Hibs Under 13’s, with a raffle ticket for sponsoring their team kit. If we win the raffle we will be the sponsors of the Leamington Hibs Under 13’s team for the next year!

If we win or not we hope all of the Leamington Hibs teams have a great season.

Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run 2012

Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run 2012We are proud to sponsor Mark McLean in the Club Triumph Round Britain Reliability Run, in aid of Children With Cancer.

The event involves driving a Triumph car from London to John O Groats to Lands End and back to London, a total of over 2,000 miles, in just 48 hours. This represents almost non stop driving for the journey, and is real test for both the drivers and the cars.

For the last 6 years, the event has been carbon neutral, as part of the drivers’ entry fee has been passed on to Climate Care, a UK charity which invests in carbon reduction projects across the world.

Mark’s car for the weekend will be a 1976 Triumph Dolomite Sprint, made in Coventry.

They are hoping to beat our previous fundraising total of £3,000 this year.

How To Stay On Top Of Your Washing Up

If there’s one thing that makes a lot of homes look untidy and unclean then it’s that lots of people don’t do their washing up regularly enough. The problem is that we decide to leave it until later and this then means it becomes too much of a pile to do quickly. That then means the surfaces in the kitchen get covered in plates so we start leaving them in the other rooms meaning the whole house becomes untidy. Then flies get attracted to the old particles of food on your plates and the smell and generally it’s not a good scenario.

But staying on top of your washing up can be a lot easier if you know how to organize yourself. Here we will look at how you can make this much easier.

Wash Up Right Away: Everyone will tell you this, but really do it. It only takes two minutes to wash up your plate after a sandwich and you don’t even need to worry too much about soap or hot water as there hasn’t been anything raw on the plate and it’s not going to be terribly unhygienic. Make a rule to do it right away, or if you can’t bring yourself to do that then set a specific time every day when you will be able to do it – such as first thing in the morning when you’re making breakfast.

Set Out The Draining Board Well: One of the reasons we often don’t do the washing up is because it can be a pain to have to pile it up, or it can take ages to dry up as we go. Make sure then that you have a draining board that is large enough and empty enough to easily stack all the things you wash as you go and this will make your life a lot easier and mean you’re less likely to put it off.

Don’t Be Petty: You know that thing you do where it’s not your turn to do the washing up so you stubbornly leave it, cutting off your own nose to spite your face in the process? Well yea, don’t do that… This will only ruin your property too, so just be the bigger man/woman and do it when it’s necessary. And if you get fed up then just make that your job and give the other person something else to do that doesn’t matter so much.

Tools: As well as a good draining board it can help to have other good tools and cleaning utensils – cleaning out glasses is very frustrating, but only when you don’t have a sponge on the end of a plastic handle which makes this much easier and again stops you from putting it off quite so much.

Put the TV On: At the same time you can also make yourself dread doing the washing up a little less by making it fun. That might sound a little too naïve and Mary Poppins-esque, but if you have a good TV program on and can see the TV easily, or if you have a sing and a dance with your favourite song on then this can be a lot less painful.

Thanks to Simon Jones who is a West Oakland, CA based home renovator and  Carpet Cleaning Service provider for this post. If you need any protective clothing for your washing up visit our shop for the best prices!

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