We had a vehicle to insure and the Director concerned happened to be a women. We went online to Confused.com and the ibuyeco was the cheapest quote. We then paid ibuyeco on line for the driver and her spouse to be on the insurance policy.

At the time we could not down load the motor certificate policy as their site was down for routine maintenance. Five days later the policy was down loaded and checked as instructed by the insrtuctions online. We noticed that the Mrs was down as a Mr although it was clearly a womens christian name.

We rang the insurance help line (overseas callcentre) and when we explained the error the £354 policy was then hiked up to a £1000. After our disbelief and protest this came down to £700.

Now from what we are always told women drivers get cheaper insurance so why did the price treble. This was clearly a means of obtaining a lot more money for the error (which we are not convinced was ours) the same day came in the post a personal life cover for the named driver which we had not ordered and was to be on direct debit against the credit card.

we understood that by law these this sort of thing should be opt in not opt out. needless to say we cancelled the policy at a cost of £41 which well spent money rather than continuing with ibuyeco.

As a foot note we went back on line at confused.com and asked for a second quote ensuring the Mrs was a Mrs and the Price? £501 so where did the £1000 or even the £700 come from.

So be aware that when getting quotes online check and double check the details, as in our case ibuyeco has left a very bad taste and one we shall not be sampling again.