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Well Done Birmingham!

Ouch!- Alexander Song and Lee BowyerWell done to Birmingham City FC on winning the Carling Cup yesterday.

Glad to see Foster(s) was man of the match in the Carling Cup!

Workwear Fail

We found this image of some American workwear funny! Checkout Failblog for more images just like this.

epic fail photos - Slogan FAIL

Beware of online insurance Quotes

We had a vehicle to insure and the Director concerned happened to be a women. We went online to and the ibuyeco was the cheapest quote. We then paid ibuyeco on line for the driver and her spouse to be on the insurance policy.

At the time we could not down load the motor certificate policy as their site was down for routine maintenance. Five days later the policy was down loaded and checked as instructed by the insrtuctions online. We noticed that the Mrs was down as a Mr although it was clearly a womens christian name.

We rang the insurance help line (overseas callcentre) and when we explained the error the £354 policy was then hiked up to a £1000. After our disbelief and protest this came down to £700.

Now from what we are always told women drivers get cheaper insurance so why did the price treble. This was clearly a means of obtaining a lot more money for the error (which we are not convinced was ours) the same day came in the post a personal life cover for the named driver which we had not ordered and was to be on direct debit against the credit card.

we understood that by law these this sort of thing should be opt in not opt out. needless to say we cancelled the policy at a cost of £41 which well spent money rather than continuing with ibuyeco.

As a foot note we went back on line at and asked for a second quote ensuring the Mrs was a Mrs and the Price? £501 so where did the £1000 or even the £700 come from.

So be aware that when getting quotes online check and double check the details, as in our case ibuyeco has left a very bad taste and one we shall not be sampling again.

Leasing and the VAT Increase

Hard pressed tradesmen could do well to consider leasing now that the rate of VAT has increased to 20%.

Leasing has been a popular finance option for some time but the recent increase in VAT has made it an outright winner for sole traders and SME businesses from a cash-flow point of view.

Let’s look at a comparison in the cash required to either lease or buy a piece of machinery, equipment or commercial vehicle costing £20,000 plus VAT.

First let’s calculate the cash required to buy the item using a typical Hire Purchase agreement where you are required to pay a 10% deposit plus the VAT on the cost of the goods:

10% deposit £2000
VAT on cost of goods £4000
Total cash required £6000

Now let’s calculate the cash required to lease the item where you are required to pay three months rental in advance plus the VAT on the rentals.

3 x month rental £2018
VAT on rental £403
Total cash required £2421

It is worth bearing in mind that this is a cash-flow advantage, not a tax saving. But of course we all know that Cash is King when it comes to starting a business and even more critical if you want to keep one going.

If you are starting a business, an established SME or a franchisee then why not visit to find out more about the cash-flow, VAT and Corporation Tax implications of Leasing and Hire Purchase.

Outdoor adventure Jackets now available

If your looking for outdoor adventure jackets such as Fleeces, 3in1 jackets Technical jackets go see the new jacket website.  Some greatd deals to be had

Become a Trade member for extra offers

Login and become a Trade member and get any special deals and offers only available to memebers

More work boots being added

The WorkWearShack have added more work and Safety boots the the online shop. Dickies, Dewalt and more. Check out the jacket section as well for more top deals

Work Trousers

work trousersCheck out our new range of work trousers on the Workwear Shack for 2011. We have a wide range of trousers from the best brands out there including UCC, Snickers, Helly Hansen. Mascot, Regatta, Caterpillar, Dickies and Dewalt.

Work Trousers Selection

Our style of work trousers include:

  • Work trousers and pants
  • Knee pad trousers
  • Waterproof trousers
  • Hi Viz trousers
  • Economy Trousers
  • Combat Trousers
  • US Army Trousers
  • Cargo Trousers
  • and even work shorts!

Check out the full range of workwear, safety clothing and PPE at the Workwear Shack shop and don’t forget that we offer UK next day delivery on work trousers on orders before 4pm.

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