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Delivery on time so far

We are pleased to inform you all our warehouse is getting all the orders out on time. The weather has not effected the despatch of goods. Looking at the news however I’m not sure the North East or Scotland will be getting the 24 hour delivery at the moment. We in the Midlands have been very lucky so far with only a light covering of snow. The worrying part is that it’s only November and already the weather is causing major problems for the poor folk in the north.

Children’s hi viz wear with next day delivery

YOKO CHILDRENS HI-VIS THINSULATE HATWe don’t just stock adult clothes we have a small children’s clothes range that will be expanding in the new year.  We currently sell the Yoko Childrens Hi-Vis Thinsulate Hat and the Le Chef Childrens Apron in two styles. Keep an eye out for more stock and ranges next year.
And of course we offer next day delivery on all orders before 4pm.

Who does the voice overs for scruffs man tips?

The man behind the Man Tips adverts is Alan Ford, best know for Brick Top in Snatch. The character in the workwear ads is called Uncle ‘Arry.

More ladies clothing is on the way

Feedback is coming in from the ladies who want more Corporate clothing on the site, so more Ladies wear is on the way. We plan to have business shirts, blouses and fashion tops for event wear. Hope to get them on (the site that is) before Christmas if the tech guys can be pulled away from their data bases

Trousers remain top seller

This month Trousers remain at the top of the selling list. The Dickies Reaper trouser priced at the super low price of £12.75 and the Red Hawk at £12.44 are great bargains to be had before the VAT rise in January. Check out the rest of the site we have some super deals on boots as well

Workwear Clothing, Not Just For Work!

workwear not just for workOur workwear clothing isn’t just for when you’re out on site, here are the top uses of our workwear other than work:

1. Running

Our range of high viz hats, jackets, vests can all be used for when you’re ponding the streets at night running.  Now the clocks have gone back it gets darker earlier, you need to make sure you can be seen and out high visibility products can do that.

2. Cycling

Just like running you need to be seen at night, even more so if you’re on the road cycling.  Again our high visibility clothing can help you be seen when you’re cycling to and from work.

3. Walking

Make sure you can been with high vis clothing. Just like running and cycling you need to be seen when you’re out and about and out workwear clothing can do that plus it keeps you warm!

4. Horse Riding

Make sure you’re seen on your horse!

5. Household Jobs!

Our coveralls and boilersuits can be used for a range of household jobs to allow you to get stuck into the gardening, DIY or decorating!

6. Motorbikes

Like cycling, be seen on your motor bike by using our high visibility jackets.

7. Driving to Europe?

If you’re going on holiday to Europe you need high viz clothing for everyone in the car, its a legal requirement in most continental countries.

Buy your workwear from the Workwear Shack. We won’t say anything if you don’t use it for working in!

WorkWear Shack to enlarge Ebay Shop

TheWorkWearShack has agreed with suppliers to increase it’s range on EBay. Soon range of top quality safety shoes will be coming to the online Ebay shop. Safety shoes and Boots will feature as well as some very special bargains.

Visits from 50 countries

Just had a quick look at the stats and find we have had visits from over 50 countries in the last two months. Our visitors have spent in total over 7.8 days on the site. The interest from Europe is growing daily and we have had requests to ship to several European countries. We have promised to look into the shipping rates and may well extend our shipping to main land Europe.

Boiler Suits Next Day Delivery

Did you know we offer next day delivery?coverall banner

Cyber Day the 6th of December

The experts are telling us that the big spending day on the web in preparation for Christmas is the 6th of December. The Christmas web spending will peak on this day so be aware that things may be slow that day. The smart money is now going to be spent a couple of days before to ensure ecommerce shops still have stock. We at The WorkWear Shack have plenty of stock

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